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Hipoglucemia en perros: causas, manejo y diagnóstico

Por: Olutunbi Idowu, Kathryn Heading

Publicado en: Canadian Veterinary Journal

Abstract – Hypogylcemia in dogs is defined as a blood glucose concentration of less than 3.3 mmol/L (60 mg/dL)
and is a relatively common problem encountered in veterinary practice. This metabolic disorder can have an array
of clinical signs, ranging from subtle abnormalities to a life-threatening emergency. Hypoglycemia can be due to
several physiological processes or etiologies. It is imperative that the clinician is astute in diagnosing hypoglycemia,
proficient in providing rapid symptomatic treatment (if indicated) and has a clear diagnostic plan to elucidate the
underlying cause. This article reviews the pathophysiology, most common etiologies, and emergency management
of hypoglycemia, and presents a diagnostic approach for this problem.